• India and China flag

    With diplomacy dynamics changing globally and due to Covid-19, many companies, enterprises and supply chains are moving out of China. With incentives to grab this opportunity being in place by Indian government, the expected result is coming forth with companies like Samsung Electronics Co. and Apple Inc and their assembly partners showing interest in extending ...
  • Line of Control, LOC covers China, Pakistan and India

    Come September and the weather conditions are going to be worst that they are right now in Galwan. Temperatures have already created situations of hypoxia for the Chinese counterparts. Official statements by a senior Indian military commander state that China military has no experience to handle severe climatic conditions the way the Indian counterparts have ...
  • Chinese and Indian flags are paired together

    In what could strengthen India, China bilateral ties, highest number of the Chinese Military Officers have been training in India. While the military ties are gaining tri-services colour, China has offered a large number of course vacancies for the Indian military personnel this year to train in their institutes. India had offered the Chinese military ...