• Youth In Politics

    Youth In Politics: Addressing the valedictory function of the second National Youth Parliament, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, expressed high hopes from the youth of the nation. Politics is not a chosen profession in India. There are reasons behind the lack of interest in the youth.  But stressing about the positivity and importance of politics in ...
  • Rajinikanth

    Tamil film superstar Rajinikanth stated his decision on not venturing in politics pointed towards the Hyderabad incident as a God-sent warning against entering into politics and added that he only knows the agony of retrograding on earlier commitments. Adding, that he did not desire to sound chivalrous by announcing he will enter politics despite health ...
  • Sonia Gandhi slams centre

    Sonia Gandhi slams centre: On Thursday, incumbent Congress President Sonia Gandhi condemned central government for handling of the country’s fuel pricing, which reached all time high in the very first month on the new year. She highlighted how the petrol prices, which have been going up frequently for the past several months, crossed even the ...
  • Southern Tollywood Legend

    Southern Tollywood Legend: India’s popular South Indian superstar Rajinikanth has finally decided to enter the political arena Known as the ‘Dancing Maharajah’, is going to be supporting PM Narendra Modi’s thought and vision for the nation.   He has put to rest end to years of speculation and would be entering the political arena in ...
  • Sonia Gandhi

    The Congress president Sonia Gandhi took to Twitter, putting out a 5-minute video to talk about the dire situation facing Bihari voters and asking them to choose the Congress-RJD-Left alliance. Speaking before the first phase of elections in Bihar, Congress president Sonia Gandhi called for a change in the state, saying the NDA government that ...
  • BJP

    When it comes to donations from businesses towards political parties, BJP leaves its competitors in the dust, being the largest recipient of such funds in the last seven years. The Association of Democratic Reforms (ADR) released a report detailing the flow of funds between corporations and business houses in the country to major political parties. ...
  • political leaders

    Six parties in Jammu and Kashmir came together under the People’s Alliance for the Gupkar Declaration which will fight for the restoration of Article 370. More than a year ago, anticipating a constitutional earthquake in the offing, political leaders across the spectrum met at Farooq Abdullah’s Gupkar residence to sign a declaration ensuring that regional ...
  • Chief Minister Nitish Kumar

    The JD(U) is losing the trust of Muslim voters in the state due to its association with the BJP. Making up 17% of the population, the Muslims of Bihar are an important vote to covet. But BJP’s aggressive position on Muslims is alienating them from the Janata Dal (United). Nitish Kumar, who has been the ...
  • Khusbhu Sundar Joins BJP

    The actor-turned-politician had been a prominent face and the national spokesperson for the party in the state for the past six years. Ending months-long speculation about a growing rift with the party, actor-turned-politician and national spokesperson, Khusbhu Sundar, announced her resignation from the Indian National Congress and joined the Bharatiya Janata Party in an event ...
  • Sushant Singh death poster

    While the Bihar Assembly polls are only a month away, the Bharatiya Janta Party (BJP)’s cultural wing has launched a poster of the late Bollywood actor Sushant Singh Rajput. Despite the fact that the party asserted that Rajput’s death isn’t a matter for elections, yet its cultural wing is using this for campaigning in the ...