• india to surpass us in ai developers by 2027, says microsoft ceo

    Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has spoken to a large group of developers in Bengaluru. He shared an exciting vision: computers understanding humans, a big change from how we usually learn to use computers.  Nadella believes we’re close to achieving this, thanks to advancements in AI and natural language processing. For 70 years, the goal has ...
  • tata communications, microsoft partner to transform microsoft teams

    Tata Communications in India, has announced a partnership with the global tech giant Microsoft.  This collaboration is set to bring major changes to the way enterprises in India use Microsoft Teams, a popular communication and collaboration tool.  The focus of this partnership is to make Teams more flexible and efficient for businesses in India. The ...
  • microsoft's ai powered copilot app now available on android, ios

    Microsoft has recently made a big move in the world of Artificial Intelligence (AI). They’ve launched a new app called Copilot for Android phones, and now, it’s also available for Apple’s iOS and iPadOS.  This is a significant step because, before this, if you wanted to use Microsoft’s AI features on your phone, you had ...
  • microsoft to launch its own ai chips to ditch nvidia gpu

    Microsoft is developing its own AI chips to reduce its reliance on Nvidia GPUs and ensure a stable supply of AI hardware. Know more about these AI chips! Microsoft is planning to release its first artificial intelligence (AI) chip next month. This chip is expected to reduce Microsoft’s reliance on Nvidia’s graphics processing unit (GPU). ...
  • microsoft and g42 partner to expand cloud ai tech innovations

    Microsoft and G42, a technology company based in Abu Dhabi, have partnered to bring cloud computing and artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). This collaboration will provide cloud infrastructure, advanced AI solutions, and data security to the UAE’s public sector and industries. Both companies are committed to responsible innovation, data privacy, ...
  • microsoft gets permission to acquire activision blizzard despite lawsuit

    In a recent legal setback for the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), a federal judge in California refused to block Microsoft’s $69 billion deal to acquire video-game publisher Activision Blizzard Inc. This is another blow to FTC Chair Lina Khan’s efforts to rein in tech giants based on her antitrust philosophy. The FTC argued that the ...
  • microsoft offers geanerative ai skill training course for free

    Microsoft has introduced a new initiative called ‘Skill for Jobs’ that aims to provide free courses on artificial intelligence (AI) through its collaboration with LinkedIn. Recognizing the growing importance of AI skills for companies worldwide, Microsoft is addressing this need by offering introductory courses developed in partnership with LinkedIn. The courses will cover various aspects ...
  • microsoft increases prices of xbox consoles and game pass

    Microsoft is increasing the price of its most recent console, the Xbox Series X, after keeping it nearly constant since its release. The cost of Microsoft‘s most potent console will remain unchanged in the United States, Japan, Chile, Brazil, and Colombia, but will increase everywhere else. If you’ve been considering purchasing the Xbox Series X, ...
  • microsoft increases chat limits on chatgpt powered bing ai

    Microsoft has raised the per-day question limit from 50 questions to 60 questions. Plus, it has also increased the chat limit per session. The recently launched AI-powered Bing search engine was previously subject to a search volume ceiling, but Microsoft, a technology corporation located in Washington, has now relaxed the user base by raising the ...
  • powered ai chatbot 'lexi' launched

    The tech company Velocity has integrated ChatGPT in its analytics tool Velocity Insights as ‘Lexi’. It has become India’s first ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot. Velocity, an Indian financial technology startup, has built the country’s first ChatGPT incorporated chatbot nicknamed as “Lexi”.  According to the business, Velocity Insights, an existing analytics platform, has been merged with this ...