• us president joe biden to host a state dinner for pm modi

    The US President Joe Biden is going to host a state dinner for PM Modi this summer. They had met for the Quad summit last time along with leaders of Australia & Japan. Delhi and Washington According to persons with knowledge of the situation, US President Joe Biden intends to invite Narendra Modi, the Indian ...
  • no apologies' for shooting down

    The President of the United States (US), Joe Biden, has said that he makes no apologies for shooting down an alleged Chinese spy balloon floating over sensitive installations in the US. Biden said that the balloon was used for alleged spying. Biden further said, “I make no apologies for taking down that balloon.” He also ...
  • Narendra_Modi_USA_Quad_Summit

    The subsequent changes in the social, geopolitical, and economic balance in the Indo-Pacific region in the last year have brought the recent Prime Minister Narendra Modi meeting with the US President Joe Biden. This first in-person meet of the Quad Summit will be reviewing the vaccine initiatives and the spiking global issues of cyber security, ...
  • Lloyd Austin

    According to the formidable candidate as Biden’s head of the Pentagon, Gen (retired) Lloyd Austin feels America’s focus must be solely on Asia, especially China.  He has described China’s “increasingly aggressive actions” across the Indo-Pacific as a key concern. If appointement, Austin (67) would become the first African American armed forces personnel to be seated ...
  • PM Modi invites UK PM

    PM Modi invites UK PM: Prime Minister Narendra Modi has extended a formal invitation to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to be the chief guest at the 2021 Republic Day celebrations in India.  As per media reports, the two leaders held a telephonic conversation on November 27 when PM Modi invited the UK Prime Minister ...
  • Biden Promise Of Visa Support

    Biden Promise Of Visa Support: The elect president Joe Biden’s new leadership might still have not set the rhythm for India. The effects of Trump’s misdeed leave a sense of mistrust amongst the leaders of the free world.  Despite Joe Biden’s administration promising to offer more work visas to skilled Indians, the Indian software companies ...
  • Biden Presidency

    Apart from the emotional connect with American Vice President to take office Kamala Harris, India has many reasons to rejoice the new line of leadership at the White House. For one, there will be reversal of everything that was wrong in terms of Covid-19 recovery plans amongst nations. That means Indian pharma companies can now ...