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Business - National - May 6, 2020

Karnataka Liquor sales defeat KGF: Chapter 1

Lockdown 3.0 is boozing the nation with re-open of liquor shops and the liquor sales hitting to different level with high numbers becoming a boost to Indian economy which cannot bee denied at all. Most of the states re-opened liquor shops and the collection reports regarding the sales of the liquor was a stunner.


We know very well that cinema industry is one of the biggest money spinning industry in India. The all-time biggest grosser movie of Karnataka is KGF: Chapter 1 till date by collecting Rs 134 crore(Karnataka alone) and also stands first as the highest collected movie on first day of release with Rs 18.1 crore(Karnataka alone).

The first day of liquor sales in Karnataka managed to surpass the first day collection of KGF: Chapter 1 by collecting Rs 45 crore as said by the Karnataka’s Excise Department. While people were talking about this, the liquor sales in Karnataka managed to defeat the lifetime collection of KGF: Chapter 1 by making Rs 197 crore on the second day(May 5,2020). The previous record of liquor sales in a single day in Karnataka was Rs 170 crore on December 28, 2019. It is notable that the number of liquor shops opened in the second day was double the number of stores on the first day.

The first customer to buy liquor from the shop welcomed with a garland, Karnataka

Uttar Pradesh

The first day of liquor sales in Uttar Pradesh was also a stunner and a great money spinner at the end. Almost of the Liquor shops, went out of stock before the closing time which made them to shut down in the afternoon itself. The Excise Department of Uttar Pradesh said that the sales on the first day(May 4,2020) managed to cross Rs 100 crore. The actual numbers are yet to be revealed but they’re sure that the sales worth is higher or equal to 100 crore.


According to Excise Department officials, the sale of liquor in Lucknow was recorded at ₹6.3 crore on Monday, the first day of the start of the third phase of the lockdown that ends on May 17.


Maharashtra Excise Department reported that the liquor sales on the day of re-opening(May 4,2020) in the state worth about Rs 11 crore. It was also reported that, the Indian-made foreign liquor(IMFL) sold about 4,00,000 litre in the state.


According to the reports from the Excise Department of Telangana state, the first day sales of liquor was declared Rs 90 crore. Also, informs that 12 Lakh beer bottles was sold on the first day(May 4,2020) of re-opening.

Andhra Pradesh

Based on the reports from the Excise Department of Andhra Pradesh, the state made liquor sale worth 68.70 crore on Monday(May 4,2020). Andhra Pradesh has 3,500 total outlets, of which 2,300 re-opened on Monday. It is notable that people from Tamil Nadu also showed up to Andhra-TN borders to buy liquor, because no liquor shops were opened in TN on May 4. However, the TN state government announced about re-opening of liquor shops on May 7,2020 later.

Meanwhile, social media in Southern region were floating with memes saying that TN will emerge as highest grosser in the liquor sales on May 7 surpassing the records of Karnataka and Uttar Pradesh. On January,2020 Tamil Nadu in pongal holidays(3 days) marked liquor sales of worth Rs 600 crores.

On the another side, celebrities from TN are urging not to re-open TN wine shops tomorrow(May 7,2020).

Did Tamil Nadu break the record of first day sales?

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