• google now lets you try chatgpt rival bard ai chatbot

    Google’s Bard is being positioned as a rival to OpenAI’s ChatGPT and is hoped to narrow the gap between Google and OpenAI in the AI chatbot race. Google is using this early experiment to test the chatbot and make it error-free before giving it a wider rollout. According to Google, Bard is capable of offering ...
  • openais chatgpt plus subscription model launches in india

    In India, ChatGPT Plus is now available with a monthly subscription. The website offers access to the most recent version of the AI model, GPT-4. The premium tier also offers early access to future features in addition to GPT-4. The ChatGPT Plus subscription, which costs $20 a month and was launched in the U.S. in ...
  • how to use chatgpt 4 for free without premium subscription

    The latest GPT 4 is only available for ChatGPT Plus subscribers, who need to pay $20 per month. But if you want to use it for free, here is the process! The ChatGPT Plus or ChatGPT-4 AI chatbot’s core technology, GPT-4, was introduced earlier this week. According to its developers, GPT-4 is a “large multimodal ...
  • openai offers chatgpt for companies to integrate into their apps

    OpenAI is making its popular AI chatbot ‘ChatGPT’ available to other companies so that they can incorporate it into their own platforms for commercial purposes. The company, which made ChatGPT accessible to everyone in November, is now providing paid access for companies and developers who wish to incorporate the program’s capacity to produce text and ...
  • snap chat my ai

    Snapchat is launching an AI chatbot ‘My AI’, as an experimental feature for Snapchat+ subscribers. The chatbot is backed by OpenAI’s GPT technology like ChatGPT. Snapchat has reported the launch of My AI, a new chatbot powered by the most recent version of OpenAI’s GPT technology, which has been modified for the platform. This week, ...
  • microsoft increases chat limits on chatgpt powered bing ai

    Microsoft has raised the per-day question limit from 50 questions to 60 questions. Plus, it has also increased the chat limit per session. The recently launched AI-powered Bing search engine was previously subject to a search volume ceiling, but Microsoft, a technology corporation located in Washington, has now relaxed the user base by raising the ...
  • aadhaar mitra uidai launches ai powered chatbot for indians

    The UIDAI has launched an AI based chatbot named ‘Aadhaar Mitra’ on its official website. This will help citizens to solve their Aadhaar related queries & services. The innovative AI/ML-based chatbot “Aadhaar Mitra” was introduced by the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI) to improve the resident experience. Residents can use the bot to register ...
  • powered ai chatbot 'lexi' launched

    The tech company Velocity has integrated ChatGPT in its analytics tool Velocity Insights as ‘Lexi’. It has become India’s first ChatGPT-powered AI chatbot. Velocity, an Indian financial technology startup, has built the country’s first ChatGPT incorporated chatbot nicknamed as “Lexi”.  According to the business, Velocity Insights, an existing analytics platform, has been merged with this ...
  • mira murati is the creator of

    ChatGPT has been hovering the headlines all over the world for the last few months. Now Microsoft has acquired it. But do you know who is the creator of ChatGPT? Who is Mira Murati? Is She An Indian? Mira Murati, who was born in San Francisco in 1988, was reared in America, despite the fact ...
  • google loses 100 billion in market value after bard launch

    Google has launched its AI chatbot ‘Bard’. But it gave the wrong answer in its promotional video. After that Google’s parent company Alphabet has lost $100 billion. Google Inc.’s new experimental AI service, ‘Bard,’ which was created as a response to Microsoft’s ChatGPT, provided wrong information in its promotional video.  On February 8, during regular ...