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Why China Needs To Decide Its Future Course Of Action On LAC?

Come September and the weather conditions are going to be worst that they are right now in Galwan. Temperatures have already created situations of hypoxia for the Chinese counterparts. Official statements by a senior Indian military commander state that China military has no experience to handle severe climatic conditions the way the Indian counterparts have been trained.

The Indian Army is said to have specialized in high altitude warfare and has the built its capacity to take on the enemy from the front as it proved during the 1999 Kargil war, where it fought from heights of Muskoh to Chorbat La in the Gilgit Baltistan area, the commanders said .

Unlike the Indian Army, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) is said to have experience of using armored vehicles. The Indian Army has equipped itself with both foot and vehicle bound warfare, despite extreme weather conditions.  Confirmed reports have come in that armored vehicles could not traverse the frozen rivers. Additionally, in June itself when the stand-off started between India and Chinese troops, a large number of Chinese PLA troops soon started dropping down due to lack of oxygen at 16000 feet.

According to official estimates, the Chinese will have to come to some kind of a conclusion over their conscripts stationed at the coldest points on the Indian border. Accustomed to more summer climatic exercise and conditions, China will be forced to choose one course of action- whether to end its aggression and restore status quo ante or be prepared to spend nights on Tibetan plateau where temperatures of 25 degrees below zero is normal.

There are further challenges to armory and military equipment going into a freeze condition, if they are not designed to handle such extreme temperatures.

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