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Why the sudden rise in covid cases in Karnataka?

Karnataka, especially Bengaluru, has seen a spurge in coronavirus cases and experts have predicted that by August the cases will cross five million with nearly 9,000 deaths.

Initially, Karnataka was one of the states that had controlled the spread of virus well and was lauded for the strict implementations of the guidelines set by the center. Dismantling its position from then to now, the state has seen a rapid rise in the positive cases of coronavirus and the earlier graph shown can be directed to low testings. Apart from that there are many other factors that have dominated the state– majoly its capital– Bengaluru.

But the point of concern is not the rapid rise of cases but the number of fatalities attached to it. Benagaluru might see the worst numbers as far as death rates are concerned. A month ago, Bengaluru accounted for a little over 160 active cases of the total 3,184 active COVID-19 cases in Karnataka switch to now, among 8,200 active COVID-19 cases, it accounts for nearly 60% of the state’s total active cases.

It is not only Bengaluru but the whole state is adversely affected. But no doubt, Bengaluru is to be blamed because of its loose border related activities. There is not much requires to cross the border from Bengaluru to other cities which is a concern as the capital is the most affected till now.

As per the data shared by the BBMP, at least 448 cases have been reported from Shanatala Nagar ward, believed to be the new epicentre of coronavirus infections in the city. As reported by a newspaper, Discrepancies like government hospitals admitting asymptomatic patients have also led to a crisis. Earlier this week, Medical Education Minister K Sudhakar was seen conducting surprise visits to hospitals, warning violators of strict action. Government had already issued guidelines stating that asymptomatic paties will either be home quarantined or be shifted to covid care centres.

Shortage of health officials and medical professionals is also a reason for the delay in treatment hence increasing the severity. In a video that went viral online, a person identified as Dr Taha Mateen, said to be the managing director of the city’s HBS Hospital, says: “I have beds, I have oxygen beds, I have ventilators, I have all the equipment. I have another 30 beds like this but I don’t have doctors working here.” Some residents have complained of an increased waiting time for ambulances. These issues have also created panic among people and especially the older age group. The chief minister of the state, BS Yediyurappa has urged residents not to panic and flee from the state capital and assured that things are being handled well.

Coronavirus Update in Karnataka:

Confirmed Cases: 67420
Active Cases: 42216
Recovered Cases: 23795
Death: 1403

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