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Patanjali claims to have found coronavirus cure

Baba Ramdev says the drug has been clinically tested and is shown to have cured 100% of the subjects in seven days.

Godman, yoga master and founder of the Patanjali brand Baba Ramdev launched an Ayurvedic made-in-India drug kit that purportedly cures coronavirus within a week. It’s not an immunity booster like the ones they have been selling so far, he emphasised, but a cure.

Called ‘Coronil and Swasari’, the kit has been developed by the combined efforts of 500 scientists from Patanjali Research Centre and the National Institute of Medical Science, Jaipur. This “clinically-controlled, research, evidence and trial based medicine” was reportedly tested on 280 patients. According to them, 69% of the patients recovered in just three days and there was 100% recovery of patients within a week.

Two trials were conducted – first, a clinical controlled study in several cities including Delhi and Ahmedabad. Having able to control the virus and the complications arising from it, a randomised placebo-controlled clinical trial was also concluded. These trials were conducted after necessary approvals from authorities and the data and evidence will be released in a few days, the company said.

But before that, the company will be rolling out the kit in their stores across the country. The 30-day pack will cost Rs 545 and will consist of three medicines – Andu oil which will have to be dropped into the nostrils and two others in the form of tablets, to be taken three times in a day. Baba Ramdev has recommended that apart from taking these medicines, people should practise yoga and follow a proper diet.

Earlier in the month, the company had hinted at this development which was met with jokes and with today’s announcement, Coronil became a trending topic on social media, with many people using memes to take a dig at Pathanjali and Baba Ramdev. Three Indian pharma companies have already launched cures for the virus in the past few days, including Glenmark Pharmaceuticals’ antiviral drug Favipiravir, under the name Fabiflu, and Remdesivir by pharma companies Cipla and Hetero under the brand name Cipremi and Covifor respectively.

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