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India’s COVID-19 recovery rate improves to 52%

Even as the number of coronavirus cases is increasing steeply, more people are recovering.

The recovery rate for coronavirus cases in the country has been improving steadily since April 15 when it stood at 11.42%. Slowly it climbed to 38.73% by May 19, breaching the 40% milestone two days later. It further improved to 48.19% on June 2 before reaching 52.46% on Tuesday with 180,012 people discharged from hospitals across the country, according to data from the Union Health ministry.

The all India death toll is at 9,900. With 10,667 new Covid-19 cases and 380 deaths in the last 24 hours, the country’s tally of total number of cases reached at 343,091. There are currently 153,178 active cases in the country, as per the health ministry’s dashboard.

The ministry has credited timely case identification and proper clinical management as the reasons for this improved recovery rate. Delhi and Mumbai, despite being epicentres of the infections have some of the highest recovery rates in the world. With 38.36% and 45.65% respectively, Delhi and Mumbai are ahead of heavily-impacted cities like New York and New Jersey.

With 50,567 active cases, 50,049 have been cured in Maharashtra which has seen 4,128 deaths. In Tamil Nadu, which is going under an intense lockdown once again from June 19 to 30 in certain districts, 25,344 have been cured and 479 have died among the 46,504 infected. The state is going into lockdown again after expert advice that said while the cases have peaked, another one might occur if the virus was allowed to spread further. With the Centre now emphasising living with the virus rather than flattening the curve, the focus is on lowering death rates and increasing recovery. But aggressive testing, door-to-door surveys to track Covid-19 and efforts to strengthen infrastructure will continue. Prime Minister Narendra Modi is expected to discuss this issue in his meeting with chief ministers on Tuesday and Wednesday.

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