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Indian innovation finds protective layer against Coronavirus infection

The Rashtrapathi Bhawan was the first one to receive a protective coat that prevents contraction with Corona Virus. Thanks to a home grown innovation, the CoviCoat is a simple formulation which when sprayed on any metallic surface keeps it free of contraction for a time period of 90 days.

Certified by NABL lab and comprising EPA certified content, the product works as an aero spray that does contain any metal components and is safe to be inhaled by children as well. Developed by 3R Management under the aegis of

Considered a cost effective nanotechnology, this aero spray creates a 0.001 micron coat over objects that can remain disinfected up to 90days. The cost of disinfecting a surface comes to less than Rs. 20 and the same can be used on multiple surfaces.

Developed by Manish Pathak , the product creates a self destructive need like structure over surfaces which is now being used in various private buildings and public spaces.  According to Pathak, “the surface becomes a self defence mechanism to control the virus contraction, preventing human beings from being infected by any surface touch.”

The spray can protect even a car surface and would cost as less as Rs. 1000 over an SUV and protect it for close to three months all together.  Found it Covicoat 90 and Covicoat 365, the nanotechnology has been earlier in use to protect surfaces from other kinds of thriving viruses that leads to mould building etc.

This kind of home grown technology could actually be an answer to our survival and help the population to come out of their houses and return some semblance of normalcy. Most countries worldwide are busy in developing effective vaccines to prevent another round of outbreaks. While that might come in only by the end of 2020 or first of next year, such preventive mechanisms will help reassure general public of moving around with greater control over the adversity where we are busy fighting an invisible enemy.

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