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CoronaVirus - International - National - May 11, 2020

UAE receives 88 Indian Medical professionals to defend COVID-19

Corona Pandemic have become a great threat to humanity in modern times and the nations across the world are giving their best to protect their people from getting affected by corona virus.

The friendship bond that UAE and India cherish is well-established in the previous occasions such as PM Modi visit to UAE. The National Leaders of both countries are committed towards a bilateral relationship from the past and it is now more evident during the corona pandemic.

UAE’s medical aid to India

In the begining of May month, UAE sent a flight to India which contained medical aids  about 7 tonne approximately. The 7 tonne medical aids facilitated approximately 7000 Indian health workers in combating corona pandemic. UAE Ambassador to India Ahmed Abdul Rahman AlBanna said that, “The UAE is committed to extending critical support to nations seeking to bolster their fight against the COVID-19 pandemic.” India received the 7 tonne medical aid and thanked UAE for being generous during these difficult times amid pandemic.

India’s medical professionals to UAE

India being committed in fighting corona virus and standing with UAE during this corona pandemic has sent the first batch of 88 medical professionals to UAE on May 10,2020. Each of the medical professional from India was welcomed with a red rose by UAE Officials at Dubai International Airport.

The 88 medical professionals were selected from Aster DM Healthcare’s hospitals functioning in the various Indian states such Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra. They were sent to UAE via a special FlyDubai flight which departed from Bengaluru International Airport.

The nurses and medical professionals from India will be in quarantine for the first weeks and then they’ll be assigned to the various departments and hospitals as per the requirement arise.

Pavan Kapoor India’s Ambassador to UAE exclaimed that, India and UAE are showing the world ‘How a strategic partnership translates into concrete cooperation on the ground in dealing with this pandemic?’ He also said, “Helping a friend in need is the motto of cooperation between our two countries, and will further strengthen our long-standing friendship.”

Humaid Al Qutami, Director-General of the Dubai Health Authority said, “This initiative is testimony to the relationship shared by the two nations. We are deeply grateful to all frontline workers who are working tirelessly to serve the community.” The nurses from India in UAE spoke to media saying that, they feel very happy and at the same time responsible to help UAE battling against this corona pandemic. They also believe that such aids provided and received by both nations will definitely strengthen the mutual respect and friendship shared by UAE and India.

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