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CoronaVirus - National - Top News - April 20, 2020

PM Modi Five point solid fist to prepare for life after lockdown

Indian PM Narendra Modi has discussed how important it is to work and get what needs to be done out of the way. There is no denying that the future will not be redefined after the way India is learning to handle a nation lockdown and improvising its life and businesses.

PM Narendra Modi has taken to LinkedIn and Twitter to express how the energy of youth and their creative ideas will help redefine the way India functions post the lockdown is over.

In his address he said, “I call them- vowels of the new normal- because like vowels in the English language, these would become essential ingredients of any business model in the post-COVID world.”

He suggested the need of adaptability, something he expects the business and life to now have so that “we can move faster than before, without any loss of lives.”

He has asked small and big businesses to adapt to digital commerce, in order business does not suffer and deliverables can reach the customers in real time. For medical prowess, he suggested telemedicine, where consultation can be effectively done online and patients don’t have to wait to go to hospitals or clinics.

Modi has put a lot of emphasis on efficiency. In his direction to the nation, he has said, “We should perhaps think of models where productivity and efficiency matter more than appearance of effort. The emphasis should be on completing a task in the specified time frame.”

Emphasizing on inclusivity, Modi is guiding businesses and the nation to think about the poor that are the most vulnerable across the globe. He was hinting at working for health solutions which are sustainable and cheap for the poor to afford.

Further he said that, “We should invest in innovations to make sure our farmers have access to information, machinery, and markets no matter what the situation, that our citizens have access to essential goods.”

He then added on the ‘universality and opportunity’ as also very important aspects to keep in mind, while the nation comes back with a bang on the economic growth front. All in all, Modi is pushing for a united India which has to fight and continue to grow to show a classic example of good leadership and governance to the world. Put together, the five pointers make a solid fist which will fight the illness and make us rise to the occasion.

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