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CoronaVirus - National - Top News - April 17, 2020

Coronavirus: Other states in India could learn from Kerala as it reported only one new case in 24 hours on April 16

According to the latest updates by the Union Health Ministry’s, the total number of Covid-19 positive cases in India has reached 13,387, around 437 deaths, and 1,749 recovered. In fighting the Covid-19, the State of Kerala has been the first state to have reported just one new case of COVID-19 on April 16. Kerala managed to reduce the number of daily cases faster in comparison to other states.

Other states could learn from the steps that Kerala took to flatten the curve of the coronavirus pandemic. Kerala fought the deadly Nipah virus epidemic in 2018. Nipah virus was a fatal disease that came from bats in humans.

Kerala, with the history of migration and one of the most famous tourist places, was facing a difficult challenge as the state reported the first Indian who was tested positive. A medical student who arrived from Wuhan at the end of January, and was tested positive.

Kerala, immediately set up a team and discussed how to control the pandemic from further spreading. They put posters all over the state, saying ‘Break the Chain.’ The total number of confirmed cases in India on April 16 were, e.g. Delhi (1,640), Maharashtra (3,202), Madhya Pradesh (1,115), and Rajasthan (1,131), which are still struggling with the increasing number of cases.

Kerala, strictly implemented steps that the WHO had recommended, testing, contact tracing, isolation, and surveillance. Kerala made sure to isolate anyone who came in contact with a carrier of coronavirus and break the chain as soon as possible. The state is awaiting for antibody testing kits for mass screening. These kits would help Kerala defeat the deadly virus from there state.

The fewer number of new cases would not have been possible without the help of the healthcare system and the cooperation of all the people who are residing in Kerala. It could succeed especially because of the leadership of Chief Minister Kerala, Pinarayi Vijayan and the Health Minister K.K. Shailaja. The WHO applauded the state of Kerala in India and called it a success story as Kerala had a low mortality rate, very high cure rate.

Article Credit: News 18/Money Control/BBC/WHO

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