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CoronaVirus - International - National - May 6, 2020

Corona vaccine in Israel; Israel-India bond

Corona pandemic is one of the worst threat to humanity in modern times and it is very difficult to defend the spread of the virus. Many nations and their research laboratories across the world have been working day-night to find a vaccine to treat corona virus but nobody managed to develop a complete vaccine so far.

Corona Vaccine in Israel lab

Meanwhile, Israel Institute for Biological Research(IIBR) was on front run with Israel Govt in back-up to develop a vaccine to defend the corona virus. A recent statement from Israeli Defence Minister Naftali Bennett on Monday(May 5,2020) that the country’s scientists have made “significant breakthrough” in developing an antibody to Covid-19 infection has made to today’s headlines.

Defence Minister of Israel about corona vaccine

Israeli Minister Bennett made the statement to Israeli media about corona vaccine after, one of his regular visit to Israel Institute for Biological Research (IIBR) labs. IIBR labs are a part of secretive unit which functions under Israeli Prime Minister Office. The scientists in IIBR lab told Bennett that, the development phase of the vaccine is completed. Bennett explained that the antibody developed in Israeli labs will attacks the virus and neutralizes it inside human body. Bennett also added, “The Jewish creativity and ingenuity brought about this amazing achievement,”.

IIBR lab asserts that they have developed a vaccine/antibody to treat after a lot of efforts, including the blood test of persons who were recovered from Covid-19. IIBR Director Shmuel Shapira said that the developed antibody to neutralize corona virus will be patented by them soon and an international manufacturer will begin with mass-production.

Israeli has one more research team called MigVax, which also claims that they are very close to the first phase of development of a coronavirus vaccine. Recently, MigVax made a US $12 million investment to speed up their medical trails and tests.

It is significant that, Israel was one of the first countries across the world to close its borders when coronavirus outbreak began realizing the seriousness. Israel have recently reported 16,246 positive cases and 235 deaths tolls since the outbreak of corona pandemic in the nation.

Israel Ambassador to India about Israel-India relationship

Following the statements of Defence Minister, Israel’s ambassador to India Mr. Ron Malka, on Wednesday(May 6,2020) reacted to statements about Israel’s breakthrough on Covid-19 antibodies. Malka told the India News agency that, “The processes are not finalised, we are at an advanced stage, yes, of course, we will share it with the world,”. He also said that, the corona pandemic have brought India and Israel more closer and both countries share their best practices in fighting the corona pandemic.

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