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Indian Metro cities becoming contagions as America ventilators come to rescue

India is now becoming the twelfth country to have reported the highest number of corona virus cases after China. While the Centre is picking money from the World Bank to mitigate its slowing down economy at lockdown times, the rate of spread does not seem to coming down.

In the last two days, five districts have reported nearly 57% of all new cases. Of these, three are in Maharashtra. New data confirms the cases of infection have touched the 80,000 mark. Since April, the rate of increase in the number of cases seems to have increased dramatically this month, with new infections rising faster than several Asian peers and deaths rising faster than in most other badly-hit countries.

India will continue to need medical equipment in large numbers to handle the widespread virus.

Somewhat similar to China’s trend, it is being estimated that by next week, India would have crossed the 1 million mark. While Tamil Nadu is showing the highest spikes in cases, Delhi has reported maximum deaths.
Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu and Delhi are considered modern cities in India. Lockdown of many modern cities for more than a 40-day period has had adverse affect of those countries’ economies.
Satellite data has proven that the top 15 most populated cities in the country have about 60% of confirmed corona virus cases.

While India tries to open itself up, the chances of spikes in infectious cases castes a dark shadow on the economy. Meanwhile, India is building trade relations with the US as it was able to supply 50 million hydroxychloroquine tablets to America after repeated requests and its kindly gesture has been met with Trump administration deciding to develop a vaccine with India along with the donation of several ventilators. America has been the worst hit with the pandemic after Italy. America has been scouting for cheaper technology and know how to overcome the pandemic and has already praised India for its scientists to have created low cost effective ventilators.

Knowing for a fact that Donald Trump always has a card up his sleeve, this might just be a move to ensure his personal interest is met, as he moves closer to India showing a sense of solidarity and friendship in ‘desperate times like these’.

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