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Business - CoronaVirus - Technology - April 28, 2020

Shocking! ‘Work From Home’ model is the perfect setting for Cyber Crime

Cyber crime seems to be ominously high currently. Taking advantage of a corona virus lockdown, many are now attacking video conferencing platforms to hack into company rosters and take over confidential data. This has been shared by a private cyber security company called Cyber Arks that recently worked with Microsoft’s conferencing tool Microsoft Teams to address a cyber attack reported by one of their users.

The cyber attackers are leveraging a smooth sub-domain takeover. This was a vulnerability that has been found in the platform developed by Microsoft. “Attackers could have used a malicious GIF (Graphic Interchange Format) to scrape user’s data and ultimately take over an organization’s entire roster of Teams accounts,” CyberArk Labs has shared with the media.

Off late Zoom has also been facing similar issues and has since then, enhanced its privacy and security features to protect the data vulnerability of its users. It has today itself announced new security measures that will be part of the upcoming Zoom 5.0 platform, as part of its 90-day tackle privacy concerns, announced by CEO Eric S. Yuan. The company has come under first, with various companies and world governments, including the Indian government, issuing advice against using the service.

Amidst the corona virus lockdown, various enterprises working from home are now shifting to the video conferencing mode to conduct business meetings. These platforms are also being used by other service providers to float free enhancement courses and extensively being utilized, making them perfect opportunity for cyber theft experts to leverage the opportunity to steal data.

While Microsoft has been able to rectify the problem at hand, the vulnerability remains and platform developers will have to continue to enhance their security gates to ensure data infringement does not become a hurdle in running the already slowing world economy.

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