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CoronaVirus - National - Top News - April 2, 2020

Kerala Will Use Robots To Protect Its Medical Staff Of Corona Virus Exposure

Containing the corona virus and protection medical aids from self infection is becoming more and more difficult for nations across the globe. But India might have a solution to protect its medical aids from the danger of exposure to the virus.

The particular state of Kerala was first hit with cases of corona. It quickly ran out of medical aids and equipment. But their tech and robotics experts are innovating to protect doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals from the risk of contracting coronavirus.

They are now going to use a three-wheeled robot that will help and assist COVID-19-positive patients in isolation wards. The robot that has been designed by Kochi-based Asimov Robotics, the company that can produce one of this kind each day. The robot will fulfill the tasks of helping infected patients at close quarters with things like food and medication, something that nurses and doctors have been doing so far, consequently putting them at larger risk of contracting the virus themselves.

The intervention of robots will eliminate any transfer of the virus to the medical staff. The robot does not have arms but has a detachable container which self disinfects as it moves along. This can be taken out and steralised on periodical intervals too. The company is awaiting clearance from the related agencies. They have used cost-effective measures to create the mould and the spare parts, making it easier for them to quickly mobilize more of such robots.

The robot, called KARMI-BOT, comes with upper and lower trays that will be equipped with food and hospital equipment. It is also tasked to disinfect used items in the quarantine zones. The robot is also equipped with a video conferencing service which helps patients interact with the medical staff remotely.

India still has limited number of robotics labs, but this kind of Artificial Intelligence based technology is widely being used abroad. In countries like China, US and Europe, robots are being used to disinfect, take temperatures and even prepare foods for coronavirus-positive patients.

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