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CoronaVirus - National - March 28, 2020

Artistic Helmet Keeps People Off Roads In South

When you can’t see the devil, you are not scared of its fury- this is the sentiment of most of the people in India who are coming out on the roads despite the fact that there is a general guideline of lockdown and no social contact. A local artist Gowtham has designed an ominous looking helmet that the local policemen can be seen wearing, in a bid to dissuade passersby from travelling unabated on the roads.

The police personnel are working round the clock to ensure people don’t take to the streets. They have been serving 24/7 and are pleased to share that the helmet is proving to be useful in making people aware of the severity of the pandemic.

India has currently reported more than 800 infection cases of which 80 were admitted and have been cured to be send back home. Many states have imposed a lockdown. However, the most number of cases are being reported from Maharashtra, Kerala and then Rajasthan.

The helmet has a kind of ominous look to it, reminding the children, that every time they hit the road, they need to go back. Due to the lack of understanding and self awareness, many people are moving around without masks and hand gloves. Police has had to resort to firm handling in many cases in order for people to adhere to government directive.

Section 144 has been put into action in many states that prevents the assembly of more than five people for any given reason at any given point of time.

Currently the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh (UP) which has reported 40 infected cases is resorting to release 11,000 prisoners to decongest prisons on the directive of the Supreme Court. Out of these 8,500 under trials with offences requiring jail term of 7 years to get interim bail for 8 weeks and 2,500 convicts to get 8 weeks parole.

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