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Why Work From Home Strategy Is Working Best For India?

Indian companies are choosing the Work From Home strategy as their long term plan for their working style in the coming year.  It is more of a ‘keep it safe’ strategy that is being adopted by one of the most prominent companies of India.

These companies have come to the consensus that for India, working from home is the ideal model that is leading to increased productivity. In fact, working from the office premises is now going to be considered a move that would be taken by companies only in very critical circumstances.

Companies are providing the required infrastructure and support to employees to work from home. Meanwhile, these companies are also ensuring they have got their IT systems data security processes in place. The companies to implement this includes  Google, Amazon, Boston Consulting Group, Hindustan Unilever, KPMG, Phillips, Cognizant, Pidilite, KPMG, to name a few.

For the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, the India managing director S Sridhar admits that, “Other than field colleagues. Everyone else is working from home. Productivity has actually improved; we aren’t feeling the need to go back to office.”

Even Vishpala Reddy, head of human resources for the Indian subcontinent at Philips agrees that, “Our employees have been very productive even while working from home, and given that India is still categorised as a high-risk country in terms of Covid-19 cases globally, we don’t want to rush things.”

 While India gears up for the Unlock 3.0 in August, companies are wishing to play safe. They do admit the work will need to be pushed harder, but work from home strategy is working best for the long term safety of employees as well.

The rate of spread of the corona virus has been huge for India. As of now, India is starting to develop its own vaccine, and defense mechanisms to combat the spread.

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